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Home: The main page of The Beacon Group. Learn about the telecom consultants who provide T1 lines, digital subscriber line and leased lines.

Referral Partner Program: The Beacon Group has developed partnerships with telecom vendors, telecom auditors and other agents. The Beacon Group can assist you and your customers by making it easier to buy and install network services.

Voice Services: Find out what telecom services your business needs. The Beacon Group provides a complete telecom audit of your business requirements.

Internet Services: Learn about Internet services the Beacon Group offers like Verizon DSL and dedicated Internet access.

Data Services: Find out how The Beacon Group can connect your business locations using leased lines, frame relay or T1 lines.

DSL Services: Learn how your company can benefit from DSL. The Beacon Group represents Verizon DSL.

Associations: The Beacon Group, telecom consultants, offer associations a new way to provide a fund- raising income for their companies.

About the Beacon Group: Find out about The Beacon Group. They are telecom vendors with experience in telecom auditing and are Verizon approved vendors.

Contact: Contact The Beacon Group by phone, email or an online form about telecom audits and ISDN availability.

Resources: External resources for Verizon and related telecom services.

The Beacon Group Telecom Vendor Resources

Fortune Consulting
Fortune Consulting is a premiere telecom consulting firm recognized for its expertise in telecom expense management, network infrastructure and network protection. Fortune Consulting is in the business of providing telecom consultants knowledgeable in the analysis, planning and implementation of wireline and wireless networks and telecommunications projects including T1 line and digital subscriber line solutions.

Fat Pipe
Fat Pipe is a monthly publication for telecom vendor and telecom auditing professionals. Fat Pipe is read and used by entrepreneurs and executives who buy, build, package, market and sell leased lines, making it an effective advertising and marketing platform for ISDN service providers.

PHONE+ Magazine
Phone+ offers an unwavering focus on revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities for DSL service providers. The magazine is a source of industry information and analysis for carriers, verizon resellers and partners and aggregators of network-based communications and computing services and associated CPE. PHONE+ is the primary advertising vehicle for Verizon approved vendors, resellers and ISDN providers seeking to tap into the indirect channels.

Emerge Media
Emerge Media is a leading-edge publishing company creating media properties in emerging markets such as telecom audits which are experiencing exponential growth. We deliver critical information and insightful analysis to vendors who are spearheading the growth of these markets. Emerge Media publishers IT Wireless magazine.

IT Wireless
Technology leaders turn to IT Wireless for vision and guidance on how to incorporate wireless — using a variety of technologies, including Verizon broadband, 802.11x, Bluetooth, DSSS, GPRS/CDMA2000/3G, DSL, and UMTS-TDD — and related technologies into their infrastructure. The magazine provides the business rationale, technical analysis, deployment issues, product coverage, and nuts-and-bolts details that leaders must have to maximize the wireless LAN benefits with fractional T1 lines.

United Communications Group (UCG)
UCG is a portfolio of highly focused business and professional publishing companies providing guidance, information, analysis, data and solutions for DSL service providers and telecom consultants with the use of newsletters, magazines, software, conferences and books. UCG publishes "The Telecommunications Manager's Voice Report".

Information Week
Information Week is a weekly print magazine that reaches 440,000 Business Technology professionals like Verizon agents and frame relay providers. Information Week provides unique perspective and in-depth analysis on news, research and IT trends related to Verizon Broadband and telecom auditing.

Telecom & Association Partners

Sports Inc.
Sports Inc. was founded in 1965 as a vehicle for independent sporting goods stores to grow and prosper in a competitive marketplace. The nationwide network represents all facets of the industry. The Beacon Group provides Sports Inc. members with T1 line, leased lines and digital subscriber line.

The National Systems Contractors Association
The National Systems Contractors Association represents over 2000 electronic systems contractors world-wide within the low voltage industry. Members include contractors, manufacturers, distributors/consultants & sales representatives within fields of audio, video, intercom/paging, telecom consultants and security/access control. Visit The Beacon Group frame relay provider and ISDN service providers for The National Systems Contractors Association.

The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services
The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services is a national trade organization that unites the manufacturers of audio recording equipment and providers of services with the end users. The Society's mission is to promote high quality educational programs for future engineers and producers and to promote the well-being of the recording industry. The Beacon Group offers Verizon DSL and leased lines to help future engineers with Internet technology.

The Subcontractors Trade Association represents over 325 contractors, vendors and suppliers in the New York metropolitan area. Often referred to as "the voice of the industry", the organization has influenced legislation at national, state and city levels and makes representation for its members to both public and private owners and agencies. Contractors, vendors and suppliers can contact The Beacon Group for help with their telecom needs.

SEAMS Association
SEAMS is a not-for-profit organization comprised of manufacturing and contract manufacturing companies in the sewn products industry. SEAMS supplier member companies provide valuable products and services to the sewn products industry. SEAMS members receive telecom auditing and are provided with telecom consultants from The Beacon Group.

Other Telecom & Internet Resources


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