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Business VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology with future potential too great to ignore. Transporting voice services over an existing data network can, not only significantly reduce costs, but it can also streamline and expand operations by enabling a single infrastructure to handle voice, data, and integrated services.

How can you reduce risk when you decide to migrate to VoIP? While it is clear that VoIP represents the future, the real question is how to position

your company to gain the optimal benefits from VoIP. That's why you need the help of an experienced Business VoIP specialist.

The Beacon Group specializes in Business VoIP

The problems with VoIP for consumers--inconsistent quality and lack of service level agreements (SLAs) are well known. The Beacon Group focuses on Business VoIP applications and specializes in building Business VoIP installations that offer feature-rich, integrated voice services for both large and smaller customers. The Business VoIP solutions installed by The Beacon Group are configured with state-of-the-art equipment and protected by iron-clad service level agreements to assure the best possible service to end-users.

VoIP Solutions

Our integrated business VoIP solutions provide cost savings as well as significant productivity enhancements. For example, integrated voice and data systems enable employees and reps to productively work from home or remote locations which connect to your voice/data network.

A wide range of customized Business VoIP solutions are available to meet the need of virtually any size business from Verizon HIPC, IP Integrated Access and IP Flex T1 product lines.

More information about Business VoIP

To find out more about how The Beacon Group can help you migrate or expand your voice network with VoIP, call The Beacon Group at (800) 355-6722 x 107 or click here for more information.

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